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Necromanteion of Acheron

Necromanteion of Acheron

Near the sea

were Lake Acherousia and the Necromancer of Acheron. When Odysseus went down to Hades to meet his dead relatives and friends. Recent archaeological research confirms the image that Homer had of the topography of the area when he described in the “Odyssey” the scene of the hero’s descent into the underworld.

During the prehistoric period the sea reached as far as Lake Acherousia (now dried up), as far as the Necromancer and the foothills of the fortified ancient Efyra.

Today it is about 4.5 km away. of the 3rd Ephorate of Antiquities of Preveza, George Riginos. He presented to the Central Archaeological Council the study of highlighting this whole area and the connection of the Necromancer with the hill of ancient Efyra (500 m away), the remains of which are rarely visited because there is no organized path and a signpost that leads them.

The necromancer that can be visited today, located at the top of a hill, near the village of Mesopotamos, is the Hellenistic phase of the Homeric Necromancer, according to its first excavator, Sotirios Dakaris. From its operation we know the role of the priests who took “words” from the visitors before they foretold the future.

They were subjected to severe psychological and physical trials, wandering around in the oracle’s labyrinthine complex, with dark and damp rooms and on a bean diet, which they believed had the capacity to blur the mind and spark their imagination.

Two figurines of Persephone, found by Sot, contributed to the identification of the area with the Necromancer. Dakaris in the main building, as well as shells of the same goddess (7th-5th century BC) at the foot of the hill. His view, however, was challenged by Dietwulf Baatz, who argued that it was a private Hellenistic home and nothing more.

It is important that with the rudimentary infrastructure acquired in recent decades the space (entrance building, fencing, lighting, etc.) people enjoy the walk there. With a parking lot, some visit routes and an upgrade of the provided services, its traffic can be increased even more, Mr. Riginos supported in the Council.