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Parga & sources Acheron

Parga & sources Acheron

Tours: Parga & sources Acheron

Parga is a picturesque resort situated between the Littoral Igoumenitsa – Preveza unique combination of mountain and sea. One of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan places in northwestern Greece, beautiful Parga causes you to experience up close its long history, its diverse natural beauty and hospitality of its inhabitants.

Parga: Picturesque resort

The narrow cobblestone streets, flowery neighborhoods and the traditional taverns give their own color in the idyllic landscape of Parga.

Visitors have the opportunity to choose between sandy beaches and other smaller, generously offered a sense of serenity and natural beauty of the seascape. Many also are the paths of Parga enabling tour and discover the idyllic landscape

Parga is 65 km from Preveza Aktion Airport during the summer months is connected with the surrounding islands (Paxos – Antipaxos – Corfu). Many and notable sights and monuments. In the north of the port of Parga castle built in the 14th century with the help of the Normans. After a series of disasters took its final form by the Venetians. Further north stands the castle of Ali Pasha built on a high hill from where the view is breathtaking. Impressive is also the island of Virgin Mary, opposite the port of Parga, the church and the picturesque tower and the small French castle building that dominates the highest point of the island.